Golden Loaf Bakery Inc.


Why should you know about us?


Small batch custom work. Family run. Provide to small bakeries.

About our Artisan breads

Artisan bakers are a new generation of bread makers with a passion for baking sophisticated specialty breads of the highest quality. They have returned to making bread in small batches, using their hands to shape the dough and reviving practices that had become a lost art. Artisan bakers use the best flour, often from organically grown wheat that is milled in small mills, and many leaven their bread with sourdough starters, using natural fermentation. Like us, these other artisan bakers are driven by the desire to make better the staff of life and to reeducate the public about how good real bread tastes, and how important the daily ritual of buying bread locally can be.

Artisan bakeries are part of the community. Small, abundantly stocked stores, they are filled with fresh baked goods that draw people to them every day. Most breads baked by artisan bakers are made with wholesome ingredients, little fat or sugar, and no preservatives. They make contribution to a healthful diet.

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10 McEwan Drive W, Unit #5, Bolton (Caledon), ON L7E 1H1
Phone: (905) 951-9995 | Email: breads (at) goldenloafbakery (dot) ca
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