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Questions you might have about using Golden Loaf product

1. Will my customers notice the difference?

Although some customers may be disappointed by any change in product, whether good or bad, our experience has been that customers on the majority appreciate and reward with higher sales the many benefits that our frozen products offers especially: the ability to bake more often and closer to your peak sales periods; and the ability to offer a wider line that would not be feasible in a scratch operation.

2. Is this more expensive than making product from scratch?

On the contrary! When you calculate all the costs associated with making a product from scratch, you will find a very strong argument for our frozen products.

Some facts of hidden costs in a scratch program based on historical results:
  • Leftovers (2% - 3% range) -This can be substantially reduced with frequent baking.
  • Misportioning (1% + )   - With no mixing this problem is totally avoided.
  • Dough Trimmings (1 - 2%) - Every product is formed, all that is needed is shaping and finishing.
  • Bad Mix (1%) - No mixing is required.
  • Food Waste (2 - 3%) - With the frozen dough program there is fewer ingredients to control and waste.
  • Unproductive Labour (2% +) - Fewer employees are needed than in a scratch operation.

3. Could a frozen product ever be as good as a product made from scratch?

We have seen too many bakeries where scratch products are inconsistently made, with poor dough development, and wide variations in taste. Our frozen products would eliminate these possibilities. The Golden Loaf products are made using no preservatives produced in ideal working conditions (that means temperature controlled environment) with many checkpoints to ensure absolute compliance to strict quality standards. We test bake frequently to ensure that you have the best product available. Also, our program allows you to personalize the final product so that it has that "made here" look that customers want.

4. What if I don't have the freezer space?

Once you have had a chance to take a closer look at the difference converting your bakery to the Golden Loaf frozen product program we know we can help you find space to make more room in your existing freezer or to help you better utlize your exiting space to make room for a freezer.

5. Who will train my staff?

We will work with you to determine your training requirements and can offer you a program at your establishment, or if appropriate at our training centre. Our experience has shown that a responsible person with proper supervision can learn to bake off product in less than a week.

A brochure is available by email if you want to request a copy.

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