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Some of the benefits of using Golden Loaf frozen dough products:

  1. Simpler production process with less things that can go wrong - easier to manage the business with fewer employees.
  2. Greater product consistency with uniform product mix, development and weight.
  3. Only natural, preservative free ingredients used to produce an exceptionally tasting product that would be difficult to reproduce in an uncontrolled environment.
  4. Training available to create unique "artisanal" rustic and old world finishes.
  5. Can now afford to carry a wide line of products without having the complexity of production and ordering.
  6. Better control of leftovers with ease of more frequent bakes and accordingly better food cost.
  7. Regular program of innovative product introductions to keep your customers interested and coming back.
  8. Can appeal to a larger customer audience with the ability to easily offer a wider range of product offerings especially low volume items.
  9. Technical support only a phone call away.
  10. With reduced labour and skill requirements can now redirect labour to more important aspects of the business.
  11. Product requires less proofing time allowing you to quickly respond to shortages throughout the day.
  12. Can conveniently bake product freshly all day long, so customers can enjoy "hot bread" fresh out of the oven.
  13. Less spoilage and waste of raw ingredients not to mention a cleaner shop.
  14. Reduced capital investment for start-up operations eliminating mixer(s), divider, rounder, sheeter, etc.
  15. Can eliminate production equipment and accordingly their maintenance and repair cost.
  16. Can better utilize counter help by involving them in the baking process.

Some of the Disadvantages or Challenges of using frozen dough products:

  1. Require freezer and refrigerator space.
  2. May not excite those more comfortable with making the product.
  3. Requires capital investment in some key pieces of equipment like the freezer.
  4. Freezer shut down would ruin product.
  5. Still requires some shaping and finishing labour.

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